Are you one of the nearly 7.5 million Americans with a non-healing wound?

If you have a wound and have been struggling to heal while suffering from pain and debilitation, we’re going to tell you how to reclaim your life!  Suffering from a chronic wound is a truly miserable experience. No matter whether on your foot, leg, abdomen, sacral area (lower back), or anywhere else on your body, it is miserable. You may be too embarrassed to go out into public, even if you can keep the area covered.

Sometimes chronic wounds have a foul smell, or they drain pus or serous (watery) fluid; either of these can soak through dressings. Sometimes even having dressings on the wound can be very painful, and sometimes the wounds are painful when they are open to the air.

Healing your wound is more than just about closing an ulcer with skin; it is about healing your life. We are two physicians who have significant experience, expertise, and a passion for helping people heal chronic wounds. We hope to help you learn to heal your wounds in a more natural way, harnessing your body’s innate ability to heal itself.

We have taken care of thousands of patients with chronic wounds; with each of our own unique expertise and experiences, we have developed a unique approach that combines the best of mainstream, alternative, and quantum medicine.

Jumpstart your healing journey with a consultation (via telephone call or Skype) with Dr. Julie and Rob Hamilton.

A one on one session with Dr. Julie Hamilton AND Dr. Rob Hamilton (both of us!)

We request that you email some medical records ahead of time, and once you’ve signed up will send you the email address and other info.

We will assess your wound and lifestyle and educate you on ways to speed up or jump-start the healing process.

Many of our wound patients have found that they only felt better once they were able to get their wounds closed.   It’s amazing how healing a wound can change an entire life!

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