Episode 1: Where to Start with Wound Healing

If you or a loved one suffers from a non-healing or chronic wound, we are here to help! Tune in to our new podcast to get all the latest information on how you can heal.

In this episode, Dr. Rob Hamilton explains the purpose of this podcast and the kind of problems they are out to solve. Over 7 million Americans live with a chronic wound, commonly referred to as an ulcer, which results from diabetes, venous diseases, peripheral arterial diseases, pressure spots, infections, autoimmune diseases, and a number of other conditions. Dr. Rob addresses the pain, shame, and embarrassment that often accompanies a chronic wound. And the truth is no one has to live like this. Many patients Drs. Rob and Julie see are told they must have an amputation…this is debilitating and irreversible. Dr. Rob would like to open listeners’ eyes to their options and give listeners practical advice for everyday life.

Listen in to Episode 1 for other staggering statistics, healthy lifestyle changes, disconnects in the medical world, and other secrets!

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