What are diabetic foot ulcers? Why are they so difficult to heal? How severe is your ulcer?

In this video, Dr. Julie Hamilton covers the basics of diabetic foot ulcers. Whether you’re just learning about your ulcer, or you want a short video that you can show loved ones to teach them about your condition, you need to watch this!

This video also discusses the Wagner grading system for diabetic ulcers, which classified diabetic ulcers into 5 grades:

  1. Includes superficial and partial-thickness or full-thickness wounds
  2. Involves the ligaments, tendons, the joint capsule or deep band of fibrous connective tissue that separate or bind together muscles
  3. These are deep and include abscesses, osteomyelitis, or joint infection
  4. Includes gangrene (decay of body tissues) in the anterior part of foot or heel region
  5. Involves extensive gangrene

Watch to learn more about the Wagner Grades and why they’re so important to healing your wound.

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